Design consulting

Design consulting consists in:

  • comprehensive development and implementation of project management mechanisms, e.g. principles of risk management, change, quality, stakeholder involvement;
  • developing templates of project documentation optimized for a specific project, taking into account the organization’s principles and nature;
  • developing plans and business justification in the project – according to the client’s needs;
  • advising on keeping documentation and day-to-day management – assistance in adjusting management methodologies and documentation, and solving current problems;
  • supporting project management in decision-making processes and assessing the situation in the project – especially, work with plans, registers and other project documentation.


  • BK BUSINESS Krzysztof Białkowski
    Advising on the project in the field of: organization, planning, establishing governance, risk and change management; advising on organization and maintenance of project documentation;
  • ECEngineering
    Advising on the implementation of project management tools and techniques; the advising was carried out on the occasion of a wider implementation of the project approach in the company together with the launch of PMO;
  • WFOŚiGW in Kraków.
    Development of project management governance principles with descriptions of roles; developing strategies and procedures, e.g. risk and issue management; introducing document templates for use; making reviews of the current situation in the project and proposing solutions and improvements.