Development of portfolio management system and portfolio support office

The above consulting area applies to:

  • current situation analysis – interviews with key stakeholders, surveys for a wider group of stakeholders, and understanding current investment and change management practices; this phase can be supported by maturity tests based on the P3M3 model and MoP status test – the results of the study provide the basis for developing proposals for changes and solutions;
  • proposing solutions – developing changes/creation in portfolio management principles within the agreed scope; basing on MoP (Management of Portfolio) methodology; presentation of agreed solutions to the client;
  • developing implementation plan – when implementing, we use it to “work well” in the organization, launch new elements, change those areas that are inefficient; when planning changes we are guided by improving the area that will give the most benefits first;
  • portfolio office – planning a change outside the portfolio management processes: defining and delivering, we plan to launch some services in the portfolio support office;
  • implementation works – we develop the substantive scope of the change and introduce it step by step, or depending on the arrangements with the client, we only advise or supervise implementation processes;
  • post-implementation benefit reviews – according to a previously developed benefit implementation plan, we periodically check whether the changes have brought the expected results; we suggest further improvements or corrective actions.