Project meetings

As part of project meetings, we offer:

  • Participation in project meetings; diagnosing problems; proposing solutions – after becoming familiar with the organization, participating in project meetings as an observer; drawing conclusions and making preliminary theses during observations; in the course of conversations with the client, developing a final diagnosis;
  • implementation and post-implementation observations – proposing improvements that respond to the problems shown in the diagnosis; implementation of improvements; participating in the next meeting and observing how improvement works.


  • ECEngineering
    Participation in weekly project meetings, observing how a new work style is adopted and checking if improvements are required; the participation in meetings was part of a wider change supported by training cycles;
  • WFOŚiGW in Kraków.
    Participation in team meetings, ongoing reviews of risks and design issues; participation in sessions, planning stages and identifying risks; supporting project supervision over the order in a project; support and advice to the project manager on management issues in the project.