Performing an information safety audit

Performing an information safety audit (also in a partner or executive organizations, or an organization with which you plan to cooperate, but it is necessary to obtain information on how to secure the entrusted information).

As part of the offer, our specialists will prepare a report containing, among others:

  • description of the safety level of information held, collected and processed,
  • defining the level of safety in relation to legal regulations in force in a given industry/sector,
  • degree of compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2014,
  • indication of key risk areas,
  • suggestions for changes and improvements that increase the level of information safety.

We also perform:

  • Other party audit
    Sometimes, an organization with which we cooperate or want to cooperate has implemented an ISO management system, but it is not certified or is certified by an entity that we do not know. Therefore, to check the degree of compliance of this organization’s system with the requirements of the standard, Inprogress sp. z o.o. performs an independent audit – other party audit (external).
  • Verification audit
    The organization with which we intend to cooperate (usually a potential subcontractor) does not have the management system we want. As part of the verification audit, Inprogress sp. z o.o. verifies the manner in which a given service/data services, processes, activities are performed at the potential partner’s facilities to determine the degree of compliance with the requirements set/implemented in the client’s organization.