Risk management principles

Risk management is becoming a key and necessary element of any modern organization. When designing a risk management system, our consultants focus their attention on increasing the probability of achieving the company’s intended goals and implementing mechanisms of proactive action aimed at implementing the appropriate risk response.

Cooperation with our clients in the area of risk management includes:

  • recognizing the current state and diagnosing problems – using checklists, surveys and interviews with representatives of various levels of the organization, getting to know the company and its specifics;
  • proposing and presenting a solution adapted to the client, action preceded by consultations with the client, sometimes even additional workshops;
  • comprehensive solution development, including: organizational risk policy, strategies for individual programs and projects, taxonomy – a risk factor classification scheme.

The result of the implementation cooperation with our company is the introduction of coherent mechanisms for control, monitoring and risk management in all organizational perspectives, as well as effective ways of responding to threats and opportunities.

Examples of our implementations:

  • AGH.
    Developing an approach to risk management: taxonomy, strategy, policy