Change Management Game: Bistro Revolution

What happens during the game?

Participants task is to transform mediocre restaurant into one of the most exclusive and recognisable place in the city. They will compete to achieve the best market position. To accomplish that, participants will train, inform and motivate employees and also prioritize stakeholders, breaking the resistance and increase restaurant’s fame. Thanks to usage of the game – participants are gaining common experience that creates starting point to learning and understanding issues revolving around change management.

Board games such as Change Management Game: Bistro Revolution have an enormous educational value but also are a good fun and involve the participants of the training. Players make decisions, analyze them and by observing what actions bring them benefits they try to improve them. Linking the mechanisms used in the game with reality allows transferring the conclusions from the game in such way that they become useful in everyday work.

Discussion of the training is based on conclusions that are observed and deepened by the trainer during the whole training. Thanks to the references to common experiences gained during the game, the trainer presents the most important substantive areas of the Change Management Foundation course such as:

• ways that adults learn,
• motivating of employees that are passing through change,
• the mutual impact of the project / program of the project and the change initiative,
• ways of implementing changes to the organization,
• stakeholders impact on the efficiency of change,
• prioritization of stakeholders,
• communication with stakeholders,
• Beckhard and Harris Change Formula,
• stakeholders’ resistance and dealing with the resistance.

The entire game takes 3 hours of the training and it is the base of Foundation course knowledge transmission.

During the game participants of the training will learn:

• that efficient transition of the information is a key to success in Change Management and why,
• how do changes in organisation affect on workers motivation,
• what are the typical resistance issues in the organization and how to deal with them,
• how to manage stakeholders during the transition,
• which situations help and which interfere while making changes in the organization.

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