PRINCE2® Business Simulation

What is happening during the game?

Boatbuilding company received an interesting offer form eccentric millionaire. He requested to build a yacht capable of sailing around the world. Participants playing the role of project manager, are looking for the best possible solution that will satisfy the client and will be realistic in terms of timely completion. During the course of the game a various  project risks, unexpected situations and issues will appear.

Project will be conducted with the help of PRINCE2 methodology. This solution will not only help participants to ground their knowledge from Foundation and Practitioner level courses, but also utilize it in practice. Conclusions drawn from the simulation will help participants to find themselves in a new situations of their professional lives, e.g. when they will have to face usage of PRINCE2 methodology for the first time.

During the game participants of the training will learn:

  • Will learn and practice key elements of the methodology.
  • Will experience the consequences of inappropriate project management.
  • Will understand the idea of project management in a planned and controlled way.
  • Will use the knowledge about project management in practise.
  • Will get practical skills.

Gdzie stosujemy?

During workshops dedicated to deepening knowledge of the RPINCE2 methodology.