PRINCE2® Game: The Great Dionysia

About the game:

  • Participants/players are directors working on staging a performance on the occasion of celebrating the Great Dyonisia.
  • They will be making decisions affecting the boxoffice (the number of ticket sold) i.e. the profit from organising the perforamance.
  • The size of the audience will dependend on a number of factors: actors engaged by participants (e.g. not that popular Gladiators or rare Elephants), their attractiveness and the additional elements appearing during the performance.
  • There are budget and time constraints – it is up to the players how they are going to use them.

What is happening during the game?

  • Working in teams, participants play the roles of directors of plays/performances in Ancient Greece.
  • The purpose of the game is to organise a performance that attracts the largest audience and has the biggest box office success.
  • When playing the game, they recruit actors, add final touches to the script, face challenges to the performance.

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