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Training games

What are training games?

Training games are our tools for enhancing your training experience. With their help participants, from the very beginning, will notice the usability of skills that they will acquire later on during learning hours. They will also notice the profitability in that matter. What’s more – they are able to use acquired knowledge and skills in controlled environment. They will see common mistakes and areas that require special focus. With all that being said, one can see that training games have a strong supporting influence on entire training process in both theoretical and practical areas.

Training games vs commercial games

From our day to day experience we can assume, that modern board games are strictly associated with entertainment. It brings to mind rather playfulness than intellectual effort. Not every game is suitable for developing competences during training sessions. That’s why we use to call games that have positive impact on competences – “training games”.

Unlike commercial games – main purpose of training games is to educate people. They are not available on commercial market and  they are mostly used by trainers and Learning & Development department staff. One feature that training games share with commercial ones, is that bit of playfulness that changes content dense training into more enjoyable experience.  It’s worth mentioning that – like with commercial games – there is a wide range oftraining games types (board, card, fiction games).

We can differentiate between two main types of training games:


Buisness simulations
(a.k.a. simulation games).

Participants are able to use (in controlled environment) a wide variety of tools and techniques, that are introduced during the training.

Example :

  • During PRINCE2® training participants were acquiring knowledge about this methodology. Business simulation helped them to “play” managing project using the knowledge that they had have just acquired.


Training board games
– jump into deep water.

Participants from the very beginning are not familiar with any theory or concepts. Playing process forces them to make complex decisions. 

Based on observation, trial and error and instructions presented by trainer – participants are drawing conclusions,
what enhances effective learning.


  • During the course of PRINCE2® training, participants are acquainted with training game that allow them to make decisions that are compatible or incompatible with this methodology. Decisions that are being made during the game allow them to draw conclusions that build the foundation for further knowledge broadening.

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