• 5 days
  • english
  • Accredited training
  • online


  • paper book: 49 €
  • e-book: 42 €
  • re-take exam: 44 €
  • paper certificate (Foundation): 30 €
  • paper certificate (Practitioner): 30 €

Training description

The M_o_R® Foundation & Practitioner training is a perfect course for those who want to learn about the best tools for evaluating risk management practices or organization maturity development. M_o_R integrates risk the management aspects presented in PRINCE2 and MSP methodologies, providing a series of techniques and tools that support the usage of a unified risk management process. Thanks to that, M_o_R can perfectly complement the knowledge on risk management for the practitioners of project, programme, and IT services management.

After the course, Inprogress will provide a certificate of having completed an accredited training for each participant.

Training goal

  • To get compact yet comprehensive knowledge on risk management in accordance with the M_o_R principles.
  • To prepare trainees to successfully pass the M_o_R Foundation and Practitioner exams.


  • You become aware of the risk.
  • You learn a proven practice of dealing with risk.
  • Increased chances that planned initiatives will be executed.
  • Better management of conditional/emergency actions and increased possibility that change initiatives will be executed.
  • A more efficient way of reacting to threats and opportunities, resulting in a reduced number of surprises.
  • The number of PDU: 35

Target group

  • Managers involved in project and operation management
  • Persons responsible for strategic management in an organization and initiative portfolio management
  • Persons responsible for control in an organization and the evaluation of taken initiatives
  • Persons familiar with the PRINCE2® or MSP® methodologies
  • Persons who want to confirm their competences with an international certificate issued by AXELOS.


M_o_R Foundation exam:

  • A test exam consisting of 75 questions (including 5 sample questions that do not affect the exam result).
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Passing score: 35 correct answers.
  • No teaching aids.
  • English, German, Dutch – the participant chooses the language of the exam.
  • Certificates issued by AXELOS have no time limitation.

M_o_R Practitioner exam :

  • A test exam consisting of 4 questions that refer to a scenario
  • In order to pass, you need to have at least 40 points (50%)
  • The exam lasts 180 minutes
  • English, German, Dutch – the participant chooses the language of the exam.
  • During the exam, you can use only an official coursebook entitled “M_o_R Przewodnik dla praktyków” and “Przewodnik ABC” (ABC guideline) (part A: Techniques)
  • M_o_R Practitioner certificate is issued by AXELOS for the period of 5 years

Only Foundation certificate holders can get the Practitioner certificate.

A participant who obtained the required number of points to pass the exam receives an international certificate in electronic. Additionally You can buy a paper version of the certificate.

Training programme

Pobierz szczegółowy plan szkolenia
  • Introduction, definitions, and basic terms
  • M_o_R® methodology concept
  • Risk management principles in the strategic, operational, programme-, and project-related perspective
  • Risk management approach – basic documents
  • Introduction to risk management techniques – ABC guideline
  • Risk management process
  • Risk management perspectives
  • Roles and responsibilities in risk management
  • Special aspects of risk management
  • Risk management implementation and maintenance
  • M_o_R Foundation exam
  • Basic M_o_R® terms and definitions – exercise
  • A guide to the Practitioner exam
  • M_o_R® risk management principles, roles, and perspectives – exercise
  • M_o_R® risk management approach – exercise
  • M_o_R® risk management process – exercise
  • Evening task – M_o_R® Practitioner mock exam
  • Discussion on mock exam results
  • Implementation and maintenance, maturity model and state control, perspective integration – exercise
  • Special aspects of risk management
  • Strategic and programme-related perspectives – a mock exam
  • Strategic and programme-related perspectives – a mock exam


  • The training lasts 5 days.
  • The exams are online, the participant choose exams date.