• 2 days
  • english
  • Accredited training
  • ikonka_euro_Inprogress online training: 265 €


  • exam: 160 €
  • e-book: 35 €

Training description

During the training, participants get familiar with key assumptions of AgilePM methodology, process structure, and concepts. They learn all the roles, products and techniques of the methodology, and gain knowledge of principles of AgilePM. They learn the duties and products recommended by DSDM®.

The training shows critical success factors to remember when opting for agile management.

After the course, each participant receives a certificate of completion of the accredited training issued by Inprogress.

Training goal

  • Understanding the life cycle of a project carried out in accordance with AgilePM.
  • Understanding differences in agile approaches and traditional approaches.
  • Preparation for the official, accredited AgilePM Foundation exam.


  • Gaining knowledge of processes, products, roles, benefits and challenges in AgilePM methodology.
  • Gaining knowledge that can be easily applied to different projects.
  • Ability to build proper communication between an organization that orders a project, and a project team.
  • Time saving due to acquisition of skills which enable transparent project management.

Target group

  • Project managers.
  • Representatives of business divisions.
  • Project management board.
  • Project team managers.
  • Manufacturing team leaders / team leaders.
  • Executives and employees of service companies from the IT sector.
  • All those interested in knowing the difference between PRINCE2® and AgilePM®.
  • All those interested in obtaining the AgilePM Foundation certificate.


AgilePM Foundation exam:

  • Single-choice test consisting of 50 questions.
  • To pass the exam it is required to obtain 50%, i.e. at least 25 points.
  • and the exam lasts 40 minutes.
  • English or German language.

A participant who obtained the required number of points to pass the exam receives an international certificate in electronic. Additionally You can buy a paper version of the certificate.

AgilePM Foundation Certificate is valid indefinitely.

Training programme

  • Agile Game: Agile Warrior.
  • What is Agile? Why use DSDM®?
  • Philosophy, principles and design variables.
  • Preparation for success.
  • DSDM process.
  • People – roles and responsibilities in DSDM.
  • DSDM products.
  • Key practices of DSDM.
  • Planning and control.
  • Tips for people planning to take the AgilePM Foundation exam.
  • AgilePM Foundation exam.


  • The Foundation level training lasts two days and includes classes in the form of lectures and practical exercises.
  • On the second day, after completion of the theoretical part, an exam takes place.

Training language

Training language: The training language is English. Language of materials:. Materials are available in English.