• 3 days
  • english
  • Accredited training
  • online


  • paper book: 40 €
  • paper certificate: 15 €

Training description

Change Management Foundation is a collection of concepts and good practices of change management in an organization. It is based on proven and recommended methods of streamlining business change implementation and maintenance. Thanks to the presented methods of working with individual persons and teams from the perspective of learning, motivating, communicating, creating, and presenting the vision of change, as well as dealing with resistance, trainees improve the efficiency of change implementation. What is more, after completing the training, the participants will be more aware of how to build structures supporting the implementation of changes—change management teams and change agent networks.

The training is in online form. The idea of the ONLINE training is similar to the course of the training taking place stationary – the trainer discusses issues in accordance with the agenda, answers to questions related to tasks in the Questions and Answers sessions. Participants pass the exam after training, which can be performed in online form as well.

Training goal

  • To acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on Change Management™ Foundation, which will allow the trainees to manage changes in an organization with full awareness of the process.
  • To build awareness of the change process in an organization, raising trainees’ awareness in their membership in change management teams or change agent networks.
  • To prepare trainees to the official, accredited Change Management™ Foundation exam.


  • You will understand the change process.
  • You will learn how to create a proper change-favourable environment.
  • You will gain knowledge on effective change execution.
  • You will learn about the tools, approaches, techniques which will support the change process.
  • You will get familiar with roles, responsibilities, and obligations of leaders/heads in implementing changes.
  • Your skills related to the identification of change stakeholders’ personality preferences or proper ways of influencing them with these preferences in mind will be enhanced.
  • You will become aware of interdependencies between a change in an organization and individual persons.

Target group

  • Persons involved in change management processes in an organization.
  • Organization change managers/leaders.
  • Change management consultants.
  • Persons who want to confirm their competences with an international certificate.


This training is accredited by APMG. This means that is has successfully undergone a strict process of quality audit. Thanks to that, this training prepares you to the certification exam. The Foundation level exam takes place on the third day of training, after the learning part.

Examination procedure:

  • The exam consists of 50 single choice test questions and takes 40 minutes.
  • In order to pass, you need to have at least 25 correct answers.
  • No learning aids are allowed during the exam.
  • The exam can be taken in Polish or in English.
  • A certificate issued by APMG is valid without time limits.

A participant who obtained the required number of points to pass the exam receives an international certificate in electronic. Additionally You can buy a paper version of the certificate.

Training programme

  • Module 1 – Change and Individual
  • Module 2 – Change and Organization
  • Module 3 – Change and Stakeholders Management
  • Module 4 – Change in Practice


  • The training lasts 3 days.
  • The Foundation level exam takes place on the third day, after the learning part.