• 3 days
  • english
  • Accredited training
  • ikonka_euro_Inprogress online training: 275 €


  • ikona obowiązkowy egzamin Inprogress obligatory exam: 210 €
  • e-book: 70 €

Training description

PRINCE2 is the most popular project management methodology used successfully since 1989. It was created based on thousands of completed projects and experience of British project managers, project teams, students, consultants, and trainers specializing in management. The aim was to create a methodology to maximize the chances of project implementation, which, by definition, has an element of uncertainty.

Regardless of the type of project, certain processes related to planning and project management can be standardized so that we can benefit from best practices, without having to invent everything anew. PRINCE2 proposes to divide a project into smaller processes to define management and administrative activities carried out during a project. Methodology has a formal and highly structured nature, so it can be successfully used in implementation of complex projects. On the other hand, it retains flexibility and a universal nature so that you can successfully use it in any project of with any scale of complexity.

PRINCE2 encourages to take formal recognition of responsibilities in a project, and focuses on why, when, where and how, and above all, what benefits is to give a created project.

The training has the following levels:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation,
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner.

The training is also possible in online form. The idea of the ONLINE training is similar to the course of the training taking place stationary – the trainer discusses issues in accordance with the agenda, answers to questions related to tasks in the Questions and Answers sessions. Participants pass the exam after training, which can be performed in online form as well.

Training goal

  • Providing participants with basic knowledge of PRINCE2 methodology, so that they can successfully use it in their daily work.
  • Discussion of integrated components of methodology: principles, themes, processes and design environment.
  • Preparing participants to obtain a positive result on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.
  • Number of PDU: 14 (Fast Track), 21 (Three days training).


  • Acquisition of knowledge of the organization of activities in the full lifecycle of a project – from pre-project phase, through initiation to closure of a project.
  • Acquiring knowledge in the field of risk, quality and change management.
  • Becoming familiar with the entire methodology and its terminology.
  • Understanding basic principles of project implementation according to PRINCE2.
  • Gaining knowledge of advantages that can be achieved by implementing a project according to PRINCE2.
  • Obtaining knowledge of the project management process.
  • Understanding the decision-making scheme in a project.
  • Understanding the principles, topics and processes of PRINCE2.
  • Gaining knowledge of how to adapt methodology to a project and organization.
  • Acquiring basic skills of project management based on PRINCE2.

Target group

  • People responsible for project management in any industry and organization.
  • Participants of teams implementing projects in organizations.
  • Managers involved in the process of support and supervision of project.
  • Those who want to deal with or deal with professional project management, and want to learn the PRINCE2 project management standard.


PRINCE2 Foundation exam:

  • Single-choice test exam, consisting of 60 questions.
  • Pass score – 33 points (55%).
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • English, German, Dutch – the participant chooses the language of the exam.
  • No possibility of using additional materials.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam gives you the opportunity to obtain an official PRINCE2 Foundation certificate issued by AXELOS. The certificate is an international acknowledgement of technical expertise in application of PRINCE2 methodology in project management and is issued indefinitely.

A participant who obtained the required number of points to pass the exam receives an international certificate in electronic. Additionally You can buy a paper version of the certificate.

Training programme

  • Overview of PRINCE2 methodology.
  • Overview of PRINCE2 training subjects.
  • Subject: Organization.
  • Process: Project preparation.
  • Subject: Business Case.
  • Process: Project initiation.
  • Subject: Plans.
  • Subject: Quality.
  • Subject: Risk.
  • Process: Stage End Management
  • Subject: Progress.
  • Process: Stage control.
  • Subject: Change.
  • Process: Product Delivery Management.
  • Process: Project closure.
  • Process: Strategic Project Management.


  • The training lasts three or two days (Fast Track).
  • The exam is online, the participant choose exam date.