Agile Game: Agile Warrior

What happens during the game?

  • Teams control a warrior, whose greatest desire is to get into the elite Agile Order.
  • By obtaining components and improving their equipment, they will raise their combat capability, which will allow them to set off on more and more difficult missions.
  • In each of the 6 rounds of the game, they will set off on missions to acquire Glory and Fame.
  • The warrior who acquires the most Glory and Fame during the game will be accepted into the Order and will be able to proudly bear the name of an Agile Warrior.

The participants of the training game know:

  • Better understanding of the purposes of using agile project management methods.
  • Seeing the sense of using prioritisation and learning the MoSCoW technique.
  • Noticing that the quantity of time and work devoted does not always translate to benefits that can be obtained from them.
  • Learning the method of management in the AgilePM® methodology by: planning, timeboxes, iterations, increments, and their implementation.

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