What are training games?

What are training games?

Training games are training support tools. Thanks to games, the participants will notice at the beginning of training why is it worth to use the skill that they will acquire during the training.

Training games vs commercial games

Modern games are universally linked to fun. Playing games recalls the fun brought by the gameplay rather than intellectual effort related to it. This is not a mistake: not all games are suitable for developing competences of employees during training. Therefore, we call games, which can be effectively employed in the competence development process, the training games.

Training game models

Business simulations (so-called simulation games).

The participants are able to apply various techniques and tools, which are the subject matter of a training, in controlled conditions.

if training participants will acquire knowledge on the subject of PRINCE2® Project Management methodology, then the business simulation will allow the participants to “play” project management while utilising the acquired knowledge.

Training board games – Jump off of the deep end.

Players do not know models, theories, and conceptions. The gameplay forces the participants to make complex decisions. The participants draw conclusions on the basis of observations, learning from their own experience, and trainer discussing the gameplay , which in turn allows them to effectively learn skills.

if participants will participate in training on the subject of PRINCE2® Project Management methodology, then the training game will allow them to manage a project by making decisions that will be pursuant with or contrary to the methodology. Thanks to the consequences of such decisions, the participants draw conclusions and build a base that is expanded during knowledge training.